1. Decide -- There are many methods of homeschooling. If you've never homeschooled before, it would be a good idea to do some research (e.g., borrow books from the library, talk to other homeschoolers).

2. Choose -- There are three ways to homeschool in Delaware:

( a ) become a single-family homeschool, responsible for reporting to the state Department of Education (DOE)

( b ) join or form a multi-family homeschool (see partial list at here)

( c ) homeschool through your local public school superintendent

3. Prepare -- If your children are currently enrolled in a public school, you may wish to write the school principal, advising him/her of your decision, as a courtesy.

4. Proceed -- If you choose to operate a single-family homeschool, you must inform DOE of your intentions. (See below page for the DOE address).

If you decide to join a multi-family homeschool, you will want to choose a homeschool which suits your family's preferences. There is a partial list of multi-family homeschools, on our website. Schools have different philosophies and requirements; you may wish to contact several. Once your children are enrolled, the school will handle the reporting.

DHEA suggests oversight by the school district is unnecessary. If you choose, however, to homeschool under the supervision of your local public school superintendent, notify him/her in writing of your intentions.

Important Department of Education links:

Nonpublic School Information

Homeschool Packet

The Homeschool Packet link takes you to the DOE page containing forms for Homeschoolers. We have a few suggestions. Please print and read at least the following forms. We list and link them here for your convenience.

1) Introduction letter      pdf

     2a) Single-Family Homeschool Registration Form      pdf - word

     2b) Multi-Family Homeschool Registration Form      pdf - word

     2c) Single-Family with District Supervision Form      pdf - word

3) State Agency Information Sheet      pdf

4) DHEA Welcome Letter      pdf

Important addresses:

DHEA Secretary
P. O. Box 268
Hartly, DE 19953

Department of Education
Vicki Fjelsted Fields
P.O. Box 1402
Dover, DE 19903-1402
Email: vfjelsted@doe.k12.de.us
(302) 739-4583